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Have you ever felt sleepy on a flight, train, bus or are you a frequent traveler of any of these this simple tech may help you, check it out, Ostrich Pillow.

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The Ostrich Pillow lets you turn the entire world into your personal nap-ground.Its large opening allows you to slip it over your head whilst its soft fabric cocoons you, allowing you to rest in comfort.The Ostrich Pillow started of as a prototype and first went viral on the web at the beginning of this year.

Take a nap anywhere you want using this Ostrich Neck Support Pillow.Sleep in no time and comfortably with its large hood covering your head and neck.Ostrich pillow promises to be the pillow that will revolutionize travel and you will want to have it.The Ostrich pillow is a blanket, eyeshield and a 360 degree pillow all in one.Catch a quick nap against a bus window, the metal rails of a subway seat, the bark of a tree, on the desk at work, or even the back of a park bench.Tops Tips Include Attaching Your Ostrich Pillow Or Ostrich Pillow Light To Your Baggage To Save On Space.

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If a pillow is filled with feathers, down, or polyester, then you can put it in the washing machine.It Is The Must Have Lighting Gadget For 2014 And Will Illuminate Your Life On The Go.

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If there are some completely unashamed people in your group then a portable restroom may be an interesting choice.The Ostrich Pillow Light The Ostritch Pillow was improved for the reason that the other design was for people at a desk but commuters demanded for something easy for them to use.Credit: Ostrich Pillow Light on Kickstarter You can get get the Ostrich Pillow Light by clicking on the above image.

According to its creators, the pillow is the ideal product to help travelers counter the ill effects of jet lag.Ostrich Pillow is a simple yet advanced tech which will help you get a Better Sleep in some uneasy circumstances.

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OSTRICH PILLOW ORIGINAL Travel Pillow for Airplanes, Car, Neck Support for Flying, Power Nap Head Pillow, Travel Accessories for Women and Men - Color Sleepy Blue.Ostrich Nap Pillow Magic pillow neck protecting pillow ostrich neck guard office nap pillow travel pillow car pillow can snooze Whether it is lying on the table, sitting in the office, at the airport, or on the train, can.

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This Ostrich Pillow Mini Review goes over how to use the Ostrich Pillow, its pros, cons and more.Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Sign in. Share More. Report. Need to report the video.

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It is designed with flexible hole for head to pass through and another one to let a person breathe from mouth and nose freely.

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Yes, the Ostrich Pillow looks ridiculous, but this wearable pillow-blanket hybrid envelops your whole head with cozy padding made from polystyrene microbeads.Power napping increases productivity by 34%, and with this in mind the Ostrich Pillow was born - the perfect companion to nap, disconnect and dream.

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